The Veterans Choice Program

There are nearly 2 million Veterans living in California (2015, IBOV). El Dorado Country alone has 15,000 veterans and most of it is mountains (US Census).

Masuda Acupuncture is a participating provider for the Veterans Choice Program. What is the Veterans Choice Program?

In 2014, the Federal Government set up the Veterans Choice Program to ensure Veterans would receive faster care. The program allows Veterans to see practitioners outside of the VA, giving those further away from VA hospitals closer and faster access to healthcare.

On April 18th, 2017 the program was extended. Presently, there are about six months of funding, so manage your pain now and let Congress know the importance of this program.

Veterans, if you skip visits to your physician due to distance or wait time- give the VA a call, enroll in the program, schedule a visit.

If you’re not in El Dorado County, the VA will locate an acupuncturist or another physician in your area. There are providers all over the country enrolled in this excellent program. Please use it so you don’t lose it.


Thank you for your service!



Masuda-Acupuncture-Cupping-Chinese-Medicine-Alternative-Healing-Placerville-Cups7“Healing goes where qi flows.”



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