Nearly 2 million Veterans are living in California (2015, IBOV). El Dorado Country alone has 15,000 veterans, and most of whom are in the mountains (US Census) placing them up to two hours away from the V.A.

Due to the distance between veterans and their healthcare facility, and the congestion at the V.A., Masuda Acupuncture is a participating provider for the Veterans Choice Program.


What is the Veterans Choice Program?

In 2014, the Federal Government set up the Veterans Choice Program to ensure Veterans would receive care promptly. The program allows Veterans to see practitioners outside of the VA (through an authorization), giving those further away from VA hospitals closer, faster, and individualized access to healthcare.

If you’re not in El Dorado County, the VA will locate an acupuncturist or another physician in your area.
Thank you for your service!


“Healing goes where qi flows”

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