A Qi-ki look at exercising

Health and fitness are two different things, and they generally do not overlap.

Yin & Yang

People often ask what the Taiji symbol means. (The Yin Yang symbol) For starters, it represents the dynamic duality found in our bodies and in nature. We’ve all heard that “opposites attract” which is true, but sometimes one side just keeps bringing in more of the same side (as some call toxic relationships) which will […]
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Cold food and beverages slow down the body’s healing process.

Cold food slows down the healing process of our bodies. Too much cold food in the diet taxes our digestive energy. One example is water; we’ve all heard that “drinking warm water will quench your thirst quicker than cold water.” The reason being is that to begin absorbing water your stomach must first heat it […]
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The barber used to cut more than just your hair. (fun read)

In the past barbers were more than just hair stylists or beard shavers. The true history of a barber’s blade is mostly forgotten, but the iconic pole with stripes has an interesting relationship with its history. Excerpt from “The Medical Book” by Clifford A. Pickover The barber pole with its red and white helical stripes has been […]
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Health; Eastern and Western perspectives

Health as a topic is confusing. One might think we can measure health by looking at our blood pressure numbers, or reading our cholesterol labs. Another may think our state of health depends on how much we exercise. There really isn’t a good way to “measure” health, yet we try to find new ways to […]
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Sometimes, keep it simple

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about exercise? Most would think about running or moving enough to cause sweating and become out of breath. Which definitely is one way of exercising, but there are other possibilities when you don’t want to sweat, overheat, or are afraid to move due to […]
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