Our first year in this office, in Stagecoach Square, we had a big problem with our patients finding adequate parking. Though our lease states tenants are to use the back parking lot, we quickly discovered this was not the case, as the majority of the people in the other 20 some suites were adamant about parking in the main lot where there are only 15 spots for everyone to share.

In 2018, we tried to offer the spots to all plaza customers

After bugging the landlord and property manager for months, they OK’d two “Customer Parking Only” spots that we were to share with the other businesses (that we paid for). Our neighbors saw this and assumed we took the liberty to claim the spots as our own. I can only imagine it led to said neighbors doing things like disregard the sign, and park there for hours, the whole day, or even overnight.

As of 2019

This began my second (unpaid) job as a parking monitor which stressed me out and induced much anxiety. It was not only tenants maliciously parking there, caregivers working next door and military recruits were under the impression they had the right to park in those spots. Not only was I getting fed up, but the property manager was too because I bugged him constantly. Finally, they approved “Patient Parking Only” signs through their preferred sign guy, which was another expense we covered.

Even though we have two beautiful signs designating spots to patients of our clinic, people still park there. So, I present to the people of Placerville and surrounding areas, our Parking Wall of Shame. This title is subject to change as most good ideas often come at a later, unexpected time and date.

February 2019


The woman who parked this large Silverado (on the line) in the patient spot, 4 of our patients were inconvenienced.

January 2019

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