Cash pay treatments: 

First visit: $120
Follow-up visits: $75


Herbal Formulas

Herbal formulas range from $8-$30. A new patient visit is required for herbal recommendations.



We work with worker’s compensation through single referral authorizations.

& also a Veteran’s Choice provider. To find out more, visit the following links:

In-network with:
United Healthcare

We bill as an out-of-network provider for eligible plans.

Call or email to verify the benefits and eligibility of your insurance plan.




As of March 1st, 2018, we terminated our in-network contract with insurance companies that use American Specialty Health as their middleman for claim processing. This was a hard decision to make because it affects many existing and future patients but hopefully it is only temporary. ASH collects the premiums from companies like Blue Cross/ Blue Shield and even Kaiser, then pockets all but the $16-$26 they send their providers (that’s less than Medi-Cal). Additionally, the paperwork required to receive these payments exceed the work we do for Worker’s Compensation cases. This is why you may have trouble finding a specialist who will accept  insurance plans associated with ASH. In the future, we hope these companies will create their own claim teams to ensure the patients, practitioners, and insurance companies receive their fair share of services and payments.
-Arezu Monika


Masuda Acupuncture Fee Policy


Additional Information:

HMO vs. PPO via Humana  https://www.humana.com/all-products/understanding-insurance/hmo-vs-ppo

BBB page for ASH:  https://www.bbb.org/sdoc/business-reviews/insurance-companies/american-specialty-health-inc-in-san-diego-ca-10014118/reviews-and-complaints


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