Treatment with stainless steel one-time use needles. Points on the body are specifically chosen for each patient to treat their condition, as well as balance the body as a whole. Most experiences are described as relaxing and many fall asleep during treatment. This medical modality has been practiced for thousands of years while its authenticity and effectiveness have only grown.
Electric stimulation is added to the acupuncture treatment. It is a painless treatment similar to using a TENS unit. The modality helps treatments facilitate pain reduction and other skeletal muscular disorders. The amplitude is controlled and varies in duration and placement according to each patient’s needs.
Healthy practices should be followed from the clinic to the home. For treatments that require herbs to help supplement their treatment, prescriptions are on site to take home. Our herbal pharmacy is equipped with a selection of high quality traditional Chinese medicinal herbal formulas. Herbal formulas are prescribed to established patients only.
Cupping and moxibustion are available as necessary for treatments. Also referred to as fire cupping, this acupuncture modality increases circulation and healing to the damaged or painful area of the body. Mostly used for pain, cupping also has its uses for shortness of breath and the common cold.
Cupping Therapy photo cred. Arezu Monika
Moxibustion is required when circulation is impaired due to constricted blood vessels or when the body is invaded by what acupuncturists refer to as external causes. The dried root is burnt and placed on or near points along the body.
Stimulation of points in the ear and can be done with ear seeds. They are placed over specific points located in and around the ear. When pressed they stimulate the part of the body it affects, whether it be to reduce pain in a certain location or help the mind calm to help sleep or deter hunger. Seeds may be retained for several days to help facilitate treatments. Popular uses for ear seeds include pain, insomnia, stress, drug withdrawal, and weight loss.

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