The first visit – become an established patient: $120
Consultation, evaluation, acupuncture treatment in a private treatment room.
Acupuncture follow-up visits: $75
Acupuncture treatment in a private treatment room

Established cash patients who need to come in twice a week or more:
2 acupuncture treatments/week (Mon-Sat): $125 – the first visit is charged at $75, second visit + is $50.

5-Day Smoking Cessation Treatment Plan
5 back-to-back treatments to help you quit smoking
$320 – New Patients
$280 – Established



Herbal formulas generally range from $12-$30. Most formulas last 1-2 weeks depending on condition and recommended dosage. A new patient visit is required for herbal recommendations. If you are afraid of needles, alternate modalities can be substituted for the first treatment.




Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover acupuncture services yet.

If you found us through American Specialty Health, or your PPO requires the provider to be enrolled with ASH, we are no longer contracted.

We can bill Blue Cross if it is a PPO plan with eligible acupuncture benefits.


Call or email to verify the benefits and eligibility of your insurance plan.

Masuda Acupuncture Fee Policy

New Patient Intake Form Q2 2018


Additional Information:

HMO vs. PPO via Humana  https://www.humana.com/all-products/understanding-insurance/hmo-vs-ppo