A Qi-ki look at exercising

Regular exercise is mandatory for the proper maintenance and circulation of Qi. Activities such as Yoga or Tai Ji are aimed at developing Qi rather than just the muscles.
Health and fitness are two different things, and they generally do not overlap. Our definition of a “fit” person is someone that can sustain heavy exercise for longer than “average.” This does not always mean the person is healthy. The reason is physical exercise develops the muscles and sinews and does not nourish the internal organs.
Training programs which incorporate Qi Gong, Yoga, Tai Ji, etc. also use the muscles but nourish the internal organs to promote health from the inside out as well.



Sometimes keep it simple

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about exercise?

Most would think about running or moving enough to cause sweating and become out of breath. Which definitely is one way of exercising, but there are other possibilities when you don’t want to sweat, overheat, or are afraid to move due to chronic pain.

Swinging the Arms (Bai Bi) by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming

This is an exercise based on the principles for Yi Jin Jing. Although the exercise is very simple, the results in strengthening the body and curing illness are significant. Theoretically, when you repeatedly swing your arms, the nerves and Qi channels in the shoulder joints are stimulated to a higher state, and this Qi will flow to the areas of lower potential to complete the circulation. Because a number of the Qi channels connected with the different organs terminate in the hands, swinging the arms increases the circulation in these channels. Arm swinging will not only increase the Qi circulation, but the relaxed up and down motion will also increase the flow of blood.

From the last 70 years of experience, we know that a number of illnesses can be cured simply by frequent practice of swinging the arms. For some cancers, the increase in Qi circulation will help the degenerated cells to function normally and may help cancer. According to Qi theory, cancers are caused by the stagnation of Qi and blood, which results in changes to the structure of the cell. Several types of cancers that may be cured by swinging the arms are cancers of the lungs, esophagus, and lymph. Other kinds of disorders that can be helped by swinging the arms are the hardening of the liver, paralysis caused by high blood pressure, high blood pressure itself, heart trouble, and nervous disorders.

The method is very simple. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, with the tip of your tongue touching the roof of your mouth. Swing your arms forward until they are horizontal with the palms facing down, then swing them back as far as possible. Keep your entire body relaxed. Start with two hundred to three hundred repetitions, then gradually increase to one or two thousand, or up to half an hour.

Screenshot 2018-02-24 at 13.20.53Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming “Qigong for Health and Martial Arts”


Senior Nutrition Services Menu – January 2018

Nutrition is important throughout the course of your entire life. Please share this with a senior who could benefit from this.


Masuda Acupuncture is moving!

Masuda Acupuncture is moving to a new location at the end of this month. Our last day at the Corker St. location will be September 28th.

As of October 1st, 2017,  Masuda Acupuncture will be located at:

1166 Broadway, Placerville CA, 95667

at the intersection with Main St.  (same parking lot as Thai Unique)

We are happy to announce our new location will facilitate qigong classes and many upcoming wellness workshops.


We look forward to serving you from our new clinic!

Over 1 million Veterans served!

As of the end of August, 1,000,000 Veterans have been served through the Veterans Choice Program. We are still meeting Veterans who are not enrolled and living in Placerville and the surrounding areas. If you are one of them, join the program and see a practitioner close to your home!

If you are 40 miles away from the VA, or cannot get an appointment in a timely manner, you qualify for the program.

To learn more, visit the VA’s website: https://www.va.gov/opa/choiceact/

The Veterans Choice Program

There are nearly 2 million Veterans living in California (2015, IBOV). El Dorado Country alone has 15,000 veterans and most of it is mountains (US Census).

Masuda Acupuncture is a participating provider for the Veterans Choice Program. What is the Veterans Choice Program?

In 2014, the Federal Government set up the Veterans Choice Program to ensure Veterans would receive faster care. The program allows Veterans to see practitioners outside of the VA, giving those further away from VA hospitals closer and faster access to healthcare.

On April 18th, 2017 the program was extended. Presently, there are about six months of funding, so manage your pain now and let Congress know the importance of this program.

Veterans, if you skip visits to your physician due to distance or wait time- give the VA a call, enroll in the program, schedule a visit.

If you’re not in El Dorado County, the VA will locate an acupuncturist or another physician in your area. There are providers all over the country enrolled in this excellent program. Please use it so you don’t lose it.


Thank you for your service!



Masuda-Acupuncture-Cupping-Chinese-Medicine-Alternative-Healing-Placerville-Cups7“Healing goes where qi flows.”



Masuda Acupuncture


We take Veteran’s Choice!

Great News Vets!

We joined the Veterans Choice Program’s provider list! Give them a call to schedule an appointment. Reduce the number of times you have to travel to the VA Hospital!